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.NET-based installation kit with native start. Save your time development and shorten the period to get into the market by applying of the installation kit. The installation kit makes the period of setup shorter by providing easy-to-use and clear tools for the development.

If you order the BE Installed! kit right now, you receive examples, the complete documentation and a support of 3 months as extra.


  • .NET 2.0 compatibility
  • Native starter with NET Framework test and installation
  • Easy to use installation kit maker
  • Installation and cancellation of files, directories, setting of authorisation to different files
  • Installation, removal and start of windows services
  • Installation and removal of virtual directories, web sites in the Internet Information Services
  • Installation, recovery, cancellation of databases, setting up of the authorisation
  • Complete removal (no files left)
  • Establishment of the installation workflow with branches and jumps
  • Extendable start conditions (Framework versions, IIS, authorisations, etc.)
  • Installation by user or for all users
  • Preparation of shortcuts (desk, quick start, start menu)
  • Establishment and removal of start menu items
  • Management of the “Programs and services” list of the Control panel
  • Several multilingual dialog boxes
    • Language selection
    • Installation conditions
    • Installation path
    • Setting of the virtual directories
    • Setting of the website
    • Setting of the Active Directory
    • Setting of e-mail server
    • Setting and recovery of database
    • and many more
  • Possibility to create specific setup dialog
  • Management of ZIP files
  • Pre-determined installation parameters
  • Management of improved embedded resource
  • Customization of banners and other visual items
  • Fault tolerance: possibility to rollback the installation
  • Multilingual application through xml files
  • Improved integrated libraries:
    • Active Directory management
    • Setting of the authorisation to file systems
    • Registration of the application into the operational system
    • Management of website and virtual directories within the Internet Information Services
    • Test of system components
    • Databases management: establishment, recovery, cancellation, setting of authorisations
    • Creation and removal of shortcuts

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