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Services / Development

One of our main profiles is the development of specific systems and applications.

One of our main profiles is the development of specific systems and applications. We may say on the basis of our experience that most of the customers require a complete development from the design of the system to the completion . It is not typical when a customer has a complete system plan and asks for just its installation. Of course, our company is glad to take any of the both cases.

We believe it is all the same what option is chosen by our customers but we have to learn the requirements of the customer, and his management to be supported as much as possible to provide a successful development. That’s why we start our work with a careful survey, a technical feasibility study and a thorough and detailed designing.

The weakest point of any development could be the application of the inappropriate technology or the inappropriate application of the appropriate technology. To be able to provide the possibly best outcome of a development BE-Systems completes a careful analysis considering the interest of the customer during the application of a given technology. It is the reason why we have chosen the NET frame system for the basis of the development for the application of a latest technology can avoid several serious problems in the future.

Most of our development is completed by applying ASP Net technology with a support of MS SQL database in the background.

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